Trusted Partners

Our trusted partners are those companies and individuals that we do business with or we know them personally and we are proud to recommend them to you.

Deliver My Yacht – Worldwide delivery of yachts, including the Midwest, with professional captains and crews. Deliver My Yacht has partnered with several OTR companies to provide clients with Over The Road transportation of vessels anywhere in North America. They also provide custom charters in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Greece and Thailand.

The Sea Chest Foundation is a 501(C)(3), nonprofit organization dedicated to operating, outfitting, maintaining and staffing SV Seeker for ocean research and other charitable causes related to marine research. SV Seeker is a 74′ free to use research vessel for  scientists, educators, scholars or graduate student with ideas to explore, research or study our oceans. Consider making Sea Chest your charitable foundation of choice whenever you shop at Amazon. Just follow this link. It doesn’t cost you a cent, but it could make a huge difference in the lives of students and scientists.

Boat Energy, LLC – Shady Boats trusts Boat Energy, LLC, for all of our generator needs. The staff at Boat Energy are helpful and thorough in their repairs and part needs for our generators.

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